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God talks back....

Canisius | 06 February, 2006 05:21

After my comments about Septuagesima, I thought that I should, you know, follow my own advice. So I spend a bit of time examining my conscience and thinking about what faults might require work this Lent.

It was a lot to think about. I have a lot of faults. But what leapt to the foreground in my pondering was that my quiet, mental prayer time has slipped away somewhere along the line. I get up every morning and do a certain devotion to which God has called me, and I read Gueranger during the day, and I try to pray a little something before bed, but those few minutes I used to devote simply to conversation with God have gotten lost in the shuffle. Need to work on that.

Then at Mass this morning, the priest devoted his entire homily to the need for a few minutes of mental prayer every day! It was one of those "He's talking to me" moments. He wound up his homily by saying that we should use these few weeks before Lent to get ready, and think about what we should do. ZOUNDS! Septuagesima! He was talking to me!

At least, it was God talking to me providentially through the priest. When I spend a few minutes telling God about my problems or asking him questions, that's me having conversation with God. When a coincidence like this happens--I'm thinking about Septuagesima, think I should spend time in mental prayer, and the very next day the priest talks about the essential idea of Septuagesima and ties it to the need to spend time in mental prayer--when this kind of thing happens, that's God answering back.

The priest was a bit older, so I rather suspect he remembers the days when Septuagesima was a real season of the year. Nice of him to share with others!


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