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Notes for the feast of St. Blaise

Canisius | 03 February, 2006 17:11

The priest at our parish always has folks line up in two rows for the blessing of throats on the feast of St. Blaise: he takes one row, and a woman from the congregation takes the other. I was concerned about this, and wrote to Jimmy Akin. Turns out, what our priest does is OK! See Jimmy's post for the details.

At Mass this morning, the priest commented to me privately that he had a much bigger turn-out for the feast of St. Blaise than for the feast of the Presentation, despite the fact that the latter is a bigger feast in the Church's year. The reason, he said, is that people think of the traditional blessing of throats as very important--more important than a lot of other liturgical celebrations that are in fact more essential. He's right, in a way.

So it surprised me that Dom Gueranger did not mention the blessing of throats in his entry for the feast of St. Blaise. He's so good about recording such beautiful customs that I wonder if it simply wasn't done in France in his day. I don't know!

One last note on St. Blaise: I noticed in his biography that the boy with a fishbone stuck in his throat had seen a number of doctors about the problem. In other words, it wasn't that the boy was choking and couldn't breath, and Blaise lept to grab the blessed candles, etc. Somehow, this kid had a fishbone stuck in there for a LONG TIME. I've never heard of that kind of thing, but, having kids myself, I've no doubt they could manage such a deed!


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