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Lost Tales of the Shepherds

Canisius | 01 February, 2006 05:22

In vol. 3, p. 469, Gueranger remarks that by the shepherds, the magi, Simeon, and Anna, "the divine seed is sown"; "it will spring up in its due time; and when our Jesus has spent his thirty years of hidden life in Nazareth, and shall come for the harvest-time, he will say to his Disciples, Lift up your eyes, and see the countries, for they are white for the harvest....

This is a fun thought to ponder: all those folks who knew about Jesus as a child--what did they do afterwards? Did anyone see Jesus in his ministry and think back to stories told them about a wunderkind from Bethlehem? And of course, the same urge to fill in this unknown history has inspired a number of fascinating apocryphal stories, the kind where a thief relents and doesn't rob the Holy Family, and years later he's the Good Thief beside Jesus, etc.

As a matter of fact, the years before Jesus were a time of messianic uprisings, some of them even before Jesus was born, I think. My memory is fuzzy, but Gamaliel is able to rattle off a list of would-be messias in recent times (Acts 5). I like to think that the witness of Simeon, Anna, and the Shepherds was part of the mix.


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