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Dom Gueranger and de Lammenais

Canisius | 27 January, 2006 19:45

I found out from Johnson that Dom Gueranger was a long-time disciple of the Abbe de Lammenais. He read de Lammenais's works throughout his seminary years, established a personal relationship with him as a young priest, and even planned to found the Abbey at Solesmes as a kind of refuge for Lammenaisians and their ideas.

About that time, however, de Lammenais' ideas were condemned in the encyclical Mirari Vos. Ouch.

Gueranger made a submission in writing to the encyclical, and proceeded with his plans to found the Abbey, but dropped de Lammenais from the picture. He did not condemn the man, but simply detached his own plans from the other's bad publicity. Shortly thereafter, de Lammenais refused to submit to the encyclical and publically separated himself from the Church, and his subsequent (violently heretical) writing was condemned by the encyclical Singulari Nos. Double ouch!

There is no doubt that Gueranger was profoundly influenced by this man who later met such a bad end. But as I look over what I gather of his views, de Lammenais was wrong not by inaccuracy but by excess: that is, he said things that badly needed to be said at the time, but said them in too extreme a fashion. For example, he was right that the Church should not under the government's thumb, but wrong to advocate rebellion against the government!

All this will be interesting to keep in the back of my mind as I continue through The Liturgical Year.


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