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Gueranger and the Papacy

Canisius | 18 January, 2006 16:50

Gueranger's entry for the memorial of St. Peter's Chair at Rome is quite vigorous. As with the issue of the liberty of the Church, here again he gives us extended and moving quotations from a church father along with several strong meditations.

And as with the liberty of the Church, we find that the papacy was an important issue of Gueranger's day. The infallability of the pope was not defined until 1870, shortly before Gueranger's death, so his entry for this day takes on issues open to multiple opinions at the time. Not only was there a great deal of controversy leading up to the definition at Vatican I, in France there was a particular heresy known as Gallicanism, which tended to limit the power and authority of the pope in favor of the power of the government and the authority of the local bishops.

Gueranger himself adhered to the Gallican heresy as a young man, although like many others at the time he was not culpably in heresy because the issue had not been settled by the magisterium yet. He rejected the Gallican view during his studies for the priesthood. A major part of his studies was his private but intense study of the Church Fathers; I can only guess that today's entry from Pope St. Leo the Great was one of the passages that struck him at the time.


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