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Welcome to the Gueranger Blog! You have stumbled across the notebook I use to record my thoughts as I read through Dom Prosper Gueranger's 15-volume set, The Liturgical Year. I do not have any special expertise in liturgy, but I have some general knowledge of Catholic theology and an enthusiasm for Gueranger's magnum opus. Think of it as the Liturgical Year fan site!

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So do we rename the blog?

Canisius | 10 January, 2006 16:13

I'm not really serious about renaming the blog, but you'll see why the question came to mind in a moment.

If you read all the front material to the English edition I own, you'll find a brief note saying that they have added new saints that weren't in the liturgy when Gueranger was writing, and that they have also added a few saints celebrated in the English-speaking world but not in France. Hmmm--some parts not by Gueranger!

But if you look at the preface to volume 10, you'll find an even more interesting bit of news. The last paragraph informs the reader that the original author of the series (i.e., Gueranger) has died, and the remaining 6 volumes have been entrusted to "a monk"; the preface is signed by "Br. L. F."

Johnson notes that this brother's name was Lucien Fromage, and he wrote the last 6 volumes of The Liturgical year in the spirit and style of Gueranger. These final volumes continue to have Gueranger listed as the author, however!


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