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More on the Baptism of the Holy Innocents

Canisius | 04 January, 2006 05:02

In a previous post on the Holy Innocents' baptism of blood, I pointed out that, according to the opinion of Aquinas and many fathers of the Church, every circumcised Jewish infant had the life of grace. Hence the martyrdom of the infants would not have been necessary for their salvation.

A couple of more thoughts. First, it could be that some of the infants in the Bethlehem region were under eight days old and hence uncircumcised, and for these a baptism of blood would have been the only salvation.

For the rest, one may say that the baptism of blood was enough to save them, even if they didn't need it. That is, we often hear talk about a condition which is necessary but not sufficient, or a cause that is necessary and sufficient, but in this case we may have a cause that is sufficient but not necessary.

(As I mentioned before, though, even if it wasn't necessary it surely would have added something to their heavenly reward.)


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