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Thoughts on the General Preface, Part III

Canisius | 03 December, 2007 08:32

A quick digression on the Psalms.

I mentioned last time that the Psalms were brought together to form a book which would speak with the voice of Israel. But at the same time, they came to be understood as part of Scripture and therefore spoken by God.

Of course, all of the Old Testament was written by Israel under the inspiration of God, but the Psalms are different. A priest sometimes faces the people and speaks to them in the name of God, and sometimes he face God and speaks to him in the name of the people, while at all times he is acting as God’s ordained intermediary. Similarly, the inspired writers sometimes wrote to the people to deliver God’s word, and sometimes spoke to God to deliver Israel’s prayers, while at all times they were inspired by the Spirit. Most of Scripture is written to the people and as God’s word to them; the psalms are unique in that they are written to God and as Israel’s word to him.

So in the Psalms we find God himself speaking, but he speaks in the voice of Israel. Nowhere is the analogy of the incarnation more appropriate. We find Christ in the Psalms in a unique way.


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