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One on the right and the other on the left....

Canisius | 25 July, 2007 21:24

I hope you had a wonderful feast of St. James the elder. Sorry this post is going up so late!

As we read in today's Gueranger entry (and in the office of readings for today), James and John approached Jesus together and requested that they be given special places in the kingdom of God, one at his right hand and the other at his left. Jesus responds by asking if they are able to drink of the chalice he will drink, and to be baptized with the baptism by which he is to be baptized--referring, of course, to his death. They eagerly respond that they can. Jesus promises that they will drink of his chalice, but does not promise that they will sit on his right and his left in the kingdom.

In light of this conversation, how interesting that James was the first apostle to die and John the last. James taught us, so to speak, by the speed of his martyrdom, while John taught us through his writings before dying in his old age. As they were extreme during Jesus' ministry, each represents an extreme, so to speak, in the apostolic ministry.

First and last: which is the right hand, and which the left, do you think?


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