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The feast of St. Bonaventure

Canisius | 14 July, 2007 06:57

The Church has moved St. Bonaventure's feast to the actual day of his death, July 15, which means that this year it is "cancelled" by the Sunday liturgy. Nonetheless, since Dom Fromage covers Bonaventure on the 14th, and since Bonaventure is an important figure in my own life, I would like to dedicate a few posts to this great doctor of the Church.

Speaking of Aquinas and Bonaventure, Dom Fromage says that both were burning lamps, but that:

Eternal Wisdom has willed that the Church on earth should borrow more especially light from Thomas and fire from Bonaventure.

This seems a good summary to me, although I would add that Bonaventure's commentaries on Scripture are second to none in the light they bring to the text.

As with so many great teachers in the Church, Bonaventure reached the heights of learning at a discouragingly early age. His most famous work, the Commentary on the Sentences, was completed when he was twenty seven! I would give up and throw in the towel, except that it is better to have some learning than none.

One detail on the Bonaventure entry intrigues me. Dom Fromage reports (XIII,97) that the great doctor's name, Bonaventura is translated as "Eutychius" in the East. After some poking about, I found that "eu" means "well" or "good", and "tychus" means "fortune". "Eu" thus corresponds to Bona, and "tychus" correspond to ventura, that is, "things to come". St. Eutychius, pray for us!


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