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Quotable quotes from St. Ephraem the Syrian

Canisius | 18 June, 2007 16:45

The entry for the feast of St. Ephraem the Syrian is heavy on the quotations, which is fine with me. I think I may post this one on my door at the office (XII,156-7):

He who applies himself with simplicity and purity of heart to the study of the Sacred Books will receive the knowledge of God. Some people glory in conversing familiarly with the great ones of the earth, with princes and kings, but let it be your glory to converse with the Holy Ghost in the presence of the angels of God by reading the divine Scriptures, for it is the Holy Ghost who there speaks to you. Spare no pains to become familiar with this study.
I think this one is also true, but I won't post it on my office door (XII,164):

It would be better to teach demons than to try to convince heretics.


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Leo | 20/06/2007, 22:45

I agree, heretics are more stubborn, and the demon would indeed have more faith, know those things to be true.

Very good quotes BTW.

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