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A man after my own heart--to some degree

Canisius | 13 June, 2007 13:49

I was charmed to read (XII,127) that St. Anthony's reputation as a finder of lost items apparently began when a commentary on the Psalms that he owned was stolen. The devil himself drove the thief to return it! Now I would like that kind of protection for my collection of commentaries!

Incidentally, I wonder who that commentary on the Psalms was by?

The opening paragraph of the entry for St. Anthony gives us an example of a transliter-anslation I have noted before. It refers to the teachers who have "illustrated" the university of Padua. This unfortunate rendering makes the Paduan faculty sound like graffiti artists determined to leave their legacy on the walls of the university. "Made famous" or "enlightened" or "given brilliance"--all of these are better choices.

Oh, I should clarify: the "to some degree" in the title of this post just means that I do not seem as inclined to fasting, self-denial, prayer, and all the other elements of sanctity in the way that St. Anthony was!


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