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The Apostles through the year

Canisius | 11 June, 2007 18:19

In his entry for the feast of Barnabas, apostle(X,109-110), Dom Fromage makes one of those sorts of observations that keep me coming back to The Liturgical Year. While every liturgical season has at least one feast of an apostle, after Pentecost, when the apostles were sent out to convert the world, every month has a feast of an apostle!

That is both a handy aid to the memory and a neat interpretation of the shape of the liturgical year.

He then goes on to make another neat observation. As you might expect, the two chief apostles, Peter and Paul come early on in the time after Pentecost, because they are chief foundations of the whole enterprise. And yet their feast in June is preceded by that of Barnabas, because Barnabas was the one who introduced Peter and Paul to each other.

I will never again forget that the feast of Barnabas is in the same month as Peter and Paul, but before them.


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