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Corpus Christi and Divine Mercy Sunday

Canisius | 11 June, 2007 18:08

Dom Fromage gives us the history of the feast of Corpus Christi in his entry for the Monday after Trinity Sunday (X,131-145). The part that caught my attention was how Blessed Juliana of Liege was told in a revelation to have the feast established, but after years and years of work she had only managed to get it celebrated locally. After she died, however, someone who had known her personally was made Pope, and he made the feast universal.

It reminded me strongly of the story behind the Divine Mercy Sunday. Sr. Faustina was told to have the feast established, but at the end of her life it was only celebrated locally. Then the historically unprecedented happened, and a polish man was made pope. He made the feast universal.

I wonder if there are other mystics out there who were told to have feast established, but never had the good fortune to have a friend or compatriot made pope?

More particularly, I wonder what Dom Gueranger would have written about our new feast?


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