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We hear from Dom Shepherd

Canisius | 03 June, 2007 06:12

Our translator, Dom Shepherd, inserts a line into today's reading on the feast of the Holy Trinity (X,93):

In our own country, it was the glorious martyr, St. Thomas of Canterbury, that established the feast of holy Trinity.

This is evidently not the voice of our author, Dom Fromage, a Frenchman; the text goes on to say, "As regards France, we find, etc." Evidently the reference to "our own country" was originally to France, but the translator has modified it for his readership.

Dom Shepherd also inserts a quotation from "Dr. Newman", as he calls him, into the pages the Athanasian Creed (X,100-101). Although I have not looked at every page, I recall only one or two translators notes in all the nine volumes Dom Gueranger authored, and those had to do with differences between English and French nomenclature for the liturgy that might confuse the readers, whereas this note simply expresses a sentiment that the translator finds admirable.

Within the first major reading, Dom Shepherd has altered Dom Fromage's text and inserted a devotional footnote! Now that the master, Dom Gueranger, is gone, the brethren of Solesmes sense that The Liturgical Year must come from them all, and Dom Shephered, previously reluctant to change the master's words, necessarily has more freedom.


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