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Pius IX did what now?

Canisius | 31 May, 2007 07:06

In today's reading, Dom Gueranger refers to a deed of Pius IX which he regards as heroic (IX,400). In the person of the Piux IX, the Church showed love of principle

when she braved the clamours of modern infidelity, yea, and the cowardly remonstrances of temporizing Catholics, rather than allow a Jewish boy who had been baptized when in danger of death, to be exposed to the temptation of denying his faith and blaspheming the Saviour who had made him his child.

Does anyone know what event this refers to? It seems to me I have heard something about it before, but I can't quite recall it.


Comment Icon Abduction

Joseph | 01/06/2007, 08:58

A Catholic nurse baptized a Jewish baby who was in danger of death, without the parents knowing about it. When Pius IX heard about it several years later, he had the papal police take the boy, Edgardo Mortara, from its parents, and raised it himself. Many people were angry with the pope, and this was one action that probably hastened the downfall of the papal states. The boy himself remained a Catholic, became a priest, and was grateful to Pius IX for his actions.
See the following Zenit article, with the testimony of Edgardo for the beatification of Pius IX:

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