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The pattern verified again

Canisius | 25 May, 2007 02:34

I have observed many times by now that Gueranger often takes his meditation for the day from the prayer or hymn given at the end of his entry. The meditation for Wednesday within the octave of the Ascension (IX,236-241) is about the faith that resulted from his absence.

The hymn and prayer for that day do not mention this theme, but the prayer given at the end of the entry for the following day, Thursday within the octave of the Ascension (IX,251-252), has this as its principle point:

O Christ Jesus! our God of dread majesty, and our King! at whose birth the angels and shepherds gave glory; at whose victory over the author of death all nations clapped their hands and were filled with joy; at whose ascending, with thy trophies, into heaven, the apostles were perfected in their faith: grant that we, also, with fervent faith, may sing our canticles of praise in honour of the mysteries of our Redemption and of thine Ascension; and that, with the princes of thy people, we may, by our faithful service, be well-pleasing to the God of Abraham. Amen.

The theme of faith is not only introduced explicitly, but continued in the reference to "faithful" service to the God "of Abraham", namely of the man who was justified by his faith (Rom 4:1-3).

Gueranger introduces this prayer by saying that it is the last prayer of the Mozarabic breviary for this octave. In other words, it influenced his meditation for Wednesday, but he wanted to save the prayer itself for Thursday because of its place in the Mozarabic breviary. The general pattern is verified again!


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