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Ascension Day

Canisius | 20 May, 2007 13:51

Well, the Easter candle was not extinguished after the gospel reading at Mass this weekend. But, then again, the parish I attended this weekend was not exactly focused on rubrics.

This particular church was cleverly designed. The tabernacle was handsome, but it was made out of a dark marble material identical to the wall behind it so that it blended in like a timid animal in the wild. Better than that, the tabernacle was set off to one side of the altar and the holy oils container was set up in another tabernacle-like structure in a parallel position on the other side of the tabernacle; the symmetry of the two structures insured that the Eucharistic dwelling-place of Jesus would not stand out too much. When I came in yesterday evening, I stood for a full thirty seconds surveying the situation and deciding whether a tabernacle was in the house, and the red candle finally gave it away. When my wife entered this morning, she caught a gleam of something red on the other side of the building and genuflected to the holy oils container. Very, very effective design.

For breakfast this morning we had "Ascension pancakes": the pancake represents the earth that Jesus walked on, strawberries represent the blood he shed on the earth for our sins, and whipped cream represents the clouds into which he ascended.

I read Gueranger's meditation for Sunday within the octave of the Ascension (XI, 206-210) out loud to the family. The kids found it a bit long, but my wife and I thought it particularly good. Gueranger does a good job of distributing meditations over the octave of a big feast so that he covers a different aspect of the mystery each day. Today he brought out how the Ascension is also the occasion of Jesus' crowning as King of creation.

It's interesting that we have separate Rosary meditations for Mary's assumption and Mary's crowning, but not separate meditations for Jesus' Ascension and Jesus' crowning.


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