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Welcome to the Gueranger Blog! You have stumbled across the notebook I use to record my thoughts as I read through Dom Prosper Gueranger's 15-volume set, The Liturgical Year. I do not have any special expertise in liturgy, but I have some general knowledge of Catholic theology and an enthusiasm for Gueranger's magnum opus. Think of it as the Liturgical Year fan site!

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Old Law and New Law in the Liturgical Year

Canisius | 20 December, 2006 20:09

Here's an interesting bit from St. Thomas Aquinas. In his Summa of Theology 1-2.103.3 ad 4, he says that the feasts of the New Testament replace the feasts of the Old Testament, and he even finds a correspondence between the various Old Testament feasts and our New Testament (Catholic!) celebrations:

Sabbath - Lord's Day
Passover - feast of Christ's passion and resurrection
Pentecost - Pentecost
Feast of the New Moon - feasts of Our Lady
Feast of Trumpets - feasts of the Apostles
Feast of Expiation - feasts of Martyrs and Confessors
Feast of Tabernacles - feasts of church dedications
Feast of Assembly and Collection - feasts of the Angels, or All Saints

I have not gone through the liturgical year with this in mind, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out!


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