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The acolyte blew it on Ascension Thursday

Canisius | 29 May, 2006 04:23

Dom Gueranger describes a charming ritual that used to be performed on the feast of the Ascension. The Easter candle was lit for all the liturgies during the Easter season, but after the reading of the Gospel (which closes with mention of the ascension), an acolyte would blow out the Easter candle.

Admittedly, this is not a day for sadness, but still there is something to the idea that Christ has left us. The bridegroom is no longer with us, to borrow His own words.

I mentioned this ceremony to an older Catholic at breakfast today, but he had never seen it done. Must have vanished quite some time ago.

UPDATE: I have more extensive comments on this candle ceremony here.


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Christopher Uhl | 09/09/2006, 00:26

Yes, I believe that this practice was suppressed with the 1962 Missal of John XXIII, along with other rubrical and calendar changes.

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