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Mass of the pre-sanctified, part III

Canisius | 22 April, 2006 00:25

I have to apologize to that most elusive of beasts, the Anony Moose, for a long delay in responding to his question about the Mass of the pre-sanctified. Things have been crazy around here, so it kind of slipped my mind! (And yes, this may indicate that my mind is slipping.) My thanks to Louis for answering one part of the question already.

To the second part of the question, I can confirm that in Gueranger's day only the priest received communion. The laity did not.

Given this fact, it is difficult to understand why the Mass of the pre-sanctified existed at all. I can understand wanting to have a communion service, but a communion service where only the celebrant receives communion is just plain odd.

Ideas, anyone?


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