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Why can Catholic's eat fish during Lent---Part II

Canisius | 30 March, 2006 16:00

After the discussion in the combox about eating fish, I knew I had to face it: the box of "Kippered Herring Snacks" my mother gave me. I have been putting it off from day to day, but there we were with just enough rice for everyone and not enough beans to go around, so....

"Uagh!", my wife commented, lurching away from the freshly opened can, "What a smell!" A bit green about the gills myself, I stared into the can of what looked very much like parts of dead fish, complete with skins and tiny bone bits. My six-year-old daughter watched in concern as I doggedly shoveled forkfuls of the greasy stuff into my mouth.

"Sorry, I can't eat around that smell," my wife said at last, fleeing with her rice and beans to the back of the house. I kept silence and shoveled. I tried not to look at what I was eating.

My daughter sat still, spoon in hand, regarding the whole affair with obvious compassion. "Maybe," she suggested, "maybe you could give that up for Lent!"

Ah, the wisdom of the Church.


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