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Infant Virgins Revisited

Canisius | 28 December, 2005 16:33

Someone who knows more about these things than I has pointed out the solution to the puzzle of the Infant Virgins mentioned in a recent post. The words applied to them regarding virginity are taken from Revelation chapter 14 (one of the readings for the Mass of the Holy Innocents), and when you read them in that context it is not at all clear that they refer to physical virginity. More likely, they were interpreted as referring to spiritual purity, and applied to the Holy Innocents on that basis.

While Revelation 14 does not speak clearly of martyrs, it does speak of those who are pure from sin. Also, the liturgy blends quotations from this passage with quotations from Revelation 7:9-14, which describes a very similar group of people (possibly the same?) and clearly describes them as martyrs.


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