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Welcome to the Gueranger Blog! You have stumbled across the notebook I use to record my thoughts as I read through Dom Prosper Gueranger's 15-volume set, The Liturgical Year. I do not have any special expertise in liturgy, but I have some general knowledge of Catholic theology and an enthusiasm for Gueranger's magnum opus. Think of it as the Liturgical Year fan site!

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Infant Virgins?

Canisius | 28 December, 2005 02:39

The commemoration of the Holy Innocents that I mentioned recently (Vol. 2, Bk. 1, pg. 262) celebrates them specifically as "virgins," "who were not defiled with women." Is it just me, or does it seem a bit odd to celebrate children under two years of age as virgins? To celebrate someone who protected his virtue against stain and devoted himself entirely to Christ is wonderful; to celebrate just because someone never reached the age for sexuality to be an issue seems like a negative judgment on sexuality itself. Or am I off base here?


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