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Mystical Rose

Canisius | 26 February, 2006 04:30

In IV, 174, Dom Gueranger offers a prayer to Mary in which he runs quickly through several of her titles and comments on each. One Marian title that has continued to puzzle me over the years is "Mystical Rose", but Gueranger's comment makes sense to me:

"Mystical rose! the fragrance of thy virtues unceasingly ascended to His throne, changing only in its daily increase of sweetness."

Question for the readers: what other interpretations of this title have you seen, or can you offer from your own resources?


Comment Icon Biblical origin

Haerandir | 06/05/2006, 03:04

The title 'Mystical Rose' may come from Ecclesiasticus 24:18, which exalts wisdom as a rose planted in Jericho.

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